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website I’ll send the link to you again if you want to plug in the numbers for a company do so but I don’t think you gonna get much other day kind of noisy estimate now plug in the numbers for Disney to those regressions I gotta predicted payout ratio of if they behave just like the rest of market and predicted yield of about they paying slightly less than what I’d expect them to their actual payout ratio was and they’re actually dividend yields about.

Turkeys based in the regression the argument is they’re paying less indifferent they can afford to pay a little more but again I’m focusing Property valuer Melbourne just on Devil’s knot ring in buybacks and once i bringing back the-whole equation start to blow up on you because Disney did return a lot of cash but it did in the form of buybacks rather than differences when the last stretcher as you probably know the other class I teach ata valuation class and I think of these two classes as kind of bookends to change the way I described the difference between the two classes is corporate finance you look at companies from.

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Seven thousand dollars earning six percent per year and in years you love seven dollars and fifty eight cent snow let’s solve the problem and spreadsheet the time value of money formulas in Excel use five inputs that correspond inputs and outputs for many common time value of money problems rate is the interest rate per period input either as a decimal rapper cent age and is the number of periods.

PM is the amount of a recurring payment in an annuity will cover annuities later in the lecture VS present value his future value this input our values we input % into r in the number of periods and we input a negative seven thousand dollars in the present value the spreadsheet solves our future value and gives us a positive seven dollars and fifty eight cents what about these positives and negatives.

Take the decision makers point of vie wand think of this as decision makers cash inflows and outflows example is an investing problem when you make an investment you pay out of present value and we’re going to get a future value when you make an investment today by purchasing investment asset by making a payment into an account this is a cash outflow from the decision-makers point of view so the present value in an investment is negative cash income you receive from the investment is a cash inflow from the decision-makers point of view so future value in an investment positiveness consider the case of borrowing when you take out a loan to obtain a present value by paying out of future value when the lender gives you the proceeds alone.

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Be my answer for Part A of the question now Part of depression you have Part B of depression is going to be the interesting part part b is going to be the post-acquisition evaluation boneyard sorry for getting of all going away we want to pronounce it is fine intense to make an offer to Whitney trust the book money is coming in to make it all flip to the nutria now they’re.

Giving us only one option here which is a consideration of share for share swap now there are many other consideration which is going can be in cash consideration cash and share could be debt Depp and share a mixture yeah but honey we’ll exchange one office chairs for two of his money trust shares assuming but gain can maintain unease a tough one to percentage gain of equity value equity.

Value not equity value will be earned by both the groups so Property Valuers Sydney we must emphasize them both the groups of the shelves for eight mark snow let me give you a very detailed and so maybe the blue we can get more marks for that yeah so my time will be running out of the eight marks prescription now pop be we’re going to say we are going for going people are all going let’s put it is be as Connie is taking over the knee drop going to assume they’re going to take other all the shares when you try all the chest no wit’s going to be a share.