Real Estate Property Valuation Rules and Regulation

We need to do so and fundamentals of that is understanding of banking some properties with this because it’s an example when we talk today that he’s later we’re gonna sit one who might have one is it going to see more about the aids in your view.

The right always indeed that while the front page parasites and as a result of mine is it was pretty good it wasn’t until eighteen months light up when you fall out of to establish a declined to get property demonstrate and I say to me about comparable properties were waiting to properties away so I knew straightaway I had to be understanding what they thought the problem was work so I knew exactly how much equity in the property so what’s the rationale and what was the description of a market valuation is pretty much.

What we probably could Licensed property valuers online market is to day we die so it’s pretty close to a real estate appraisal to real estate agent want you back valuation to YouTube a mortgage securities is easy we want the bank is willing to late against so it doesn’t necessarily true but you know what the problems with its just how much they’re willing to use the securities just a couple weeks ago.

We had a client who had a property is set to mention value boy video contact us about three weeks after that the same venue to get the same person and other properties at the same dimensions as I always do that but you and I said understand that it doesn’t exactly what he said to begot so much grief from the latest mortgage valuation contract for us it is just be aware that he does not know that I don’t think I paid to do so since it’s easier for them to put devotion is low and ask questions and I go this is rather than have to deal with the issue of what it comes down to it we go to a club so you had to have them.

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